Software integrations

In order to make your life easier we have partnered with a couple of funeral software providers, Oak and Seker, to make Life Ledger accessible to your families through a single click from your case management systems.

When you are going through the arrangement journey, please ask your families if they would like to use Life Ledger (even better to have a Life Ledger prompt on your arrangement form), and if they say yes we will pull through only the information we need from your system, set up an account for them, and then send them an email introducing our service. It’s really simple.

OAK Evolution FMS (and Funeral Go)

In 2022 we launched our inaugural partnership with Oak’s Evolution FMS software, please see the video below:

Or download a copy of the release notes:

If you would like to contact Oak, please email Simon Richardson for more information simon.richardson@oaktechnology.co.uk


Our second partnership is with Seker’s eFD software, again a really simple system to use.

Or download a copy of the integration document:

In order to use eFD you will need to contact Seker to switch the integration on. You can reach them on 0330 1070 606 or email support@seker.co.uk

Other software providers

We are in conversation with all the other software providers, but if you would like to work with us, please give them a nudge and ask them to contact Dan Blackett – dan@lifeledger.com – to kick off the integration.

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