Terms & Conditions

Who we are

We are Life Ledger, a company incorporated in England and Wales with registered number 11114747 whose registered address is The Estate Office, Abbotscourt Lane, Antony, Cornwall, United Kingdom, PL11 3AB.

We provide a platform that can be used to store and organise an individual’s end-of-life affairs and which facilitates the notification of a death to companies used by the deceased after a death (for example the company used to supply their gas). Our services can be used on behalf of yourself, on behalf of an individual planning for end-of-life, or on behalf of the deceased.

The two aspects of our service are:

  • Death notifications: this allows you to notify companies that the deceased has passed away and will no longer be needing that company’s services. This involves you, as the deceased’s next of kin or other representative, logging the deceased’s details onto our platform and choosing which companies you would like to be notified. While this notification process is in progress, we refer to this as an ‘active death registration’. The process will come to an end when either all the company or companies you wish to notify have taken the necessary steps to register that the deceased will no longer be needing their services or after six months of inactivity by you or any Collaborator (defined below) in relation to the death in question on our platform, whichever is sooner.
  • Life planning: this allows you to enter details about yourself or others onto our platform. In the event of your, or their, death, the second phase of this service begins and the person you identified to us as your, or their, next of kin or other chosen representative can then log on and confirm you, or they, have passed away and commence the notification process. We process this second phrase of the service in the same way as we do for death notifications, as set out above.

Together, we describe these as the Services.

About these Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions (the Terms) will apply when you use our platform found at https://lifeledger.com/. Please ensure that you read them carefully and that you understand their contents. These Terms tell you who we are, how we provide the Services to you, how you and we may change or end the contract, what to do if there is a problem and other important information.

By using our platform, you confirm that you have accepted these Terms and that you will comply with them. If you do not accept the Terms, you must not use this platform.

You may ask the next-of-kin of the deceased, the executor of their will or another person to use the Services in relation to the deceased. We call them a Collaborator. Please ensure that the Collaborator has been provided with these Terms.

To the Collaborator: by using our platform as a Collaborator, you are also confirming that you have accepted these Terms and that you will comply with them. If you do not accept the Terms, you must not use this platform.

These Terms were last updated in September 2021. Please ensure that you check for any new versions of these Terms from time to time, as they will supersede the older versions. If any significant changes are made to these Terms, we will notify you in advance of them coming into effect.


If you have any questions about these Terms or concerns about our Services please contact us by email at hello@lifeledger.com.

If we have to contact you, we will do so by the email address you provided for this purpose.

Before you use our Services


  • We are a facilitating platform only. We facilitate a means for you to easily and efficiently contact companies in the United Kingdom to notify them of a death. However, we cannot and do not control what that notified company does with the information.
  • We cannot guarantee that the company you notify regarding the deceased will take the required steps to deactivate the deceased’s account.
  • This Service is intended to be an initial notification service only. You may be asked to take additional steps by the company, which are outside the scope of the Services.
  • We need certain information about the person who is the subject of death notifications or life planning in order to be able to provide the Services. This may include, for example, the name, contact details and account information. We will not be able to provide the Services without the information requested on our platform.
  • We will require you to verify your identity and to confirm that you have authority to act on behalf of the deceased. You will not be able to use some aspects of our Services until you have completed this verification process.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the information you provide about the deceased, yourself or any other person is accurate and true. We will not be liable for any issues resulting from your failure to provide accurate and true information.
  • We cannot amend information once it has been provided to the company.

Providing our Services

When you go onto our platform, you will be asked to create an account. Once you have registered, we invite you to input the data prompted by our platform.

  • In the case of death notifications, this will be predominantly details about the person who is the subject of the notification and will include for example their name and date of birth. You will also be able to upload documents, such as a copy of the deceased’s death certificate.
  • In the case of life planning, this will be details about you or the person who you are registering for. In due course, your chosen representative may need to upload additional information, such as a death certificate, to use the second phase of our life planning services.

The contract is formed between us at the point that you complete the initial registration process.

We will begin the Services on the date that your account has been fully set up with all relevant information entered on the platform and, if required, once you have passed the identity verification process. We will try to complete the process as soon as we can. However, completion of the Services might be delayed by an event outside our control, so please be aware that we will not be liable for any such delays.

Where you are using our death notification service, or life planning service which has entered the second phase, once you have provided the required information you will be able to send a notification to the chosen company or companies. We will resend the notification on your behalf if there has been no action by a company within 7 days, then will get in touch with that company directly if there has been no action by the company after a further 7 days. However, as we set out above, the actions of the companies are outside our control. We recommend that you follow up with the companies directly if you have not heard the result of your notification prior to the next bill falling due for the deceased.

You may be able to see when the company you wish to notify has actioned your request by logging into your account. The company will have the ability, but not an obligation, to add a reference number to your account. Alternatively, the company may choose to contact you directly.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that our platform, or the content on the platform, will always be available or uninterrupted. We may suspend or withdraw or restrict the availability of all or any part of our site for business and operational reasons. We will try to give you reasonable notice of any suspension or withdrawal.

Price and payment

The price for our Services will depend on what part of our Services you wish to benefit from. Together, we refer to these prices as Fees.

Death notifications

You will be able to register the death of up to three people free of charge. If you would like to have four or more active death registrations, then you will need to subscribe. The table below sets out our subscription prices for active death registrations:

Number of active death registrations with us per month Price per person per month 
0 to 3

4 to 20





Payment will be due on the date you first subscribe and will subsequently be due monthly from that date. For example if you subscribe on 15th March, payment will be due on 15th March and then subsequently on 15th April and so on (the ‘Payment Month’).

Payment will be required for the duration of the time that you have over three active death registrations. If the process for one of the deaths registered comes to an end or for any other reason you fall below one of the price thresholds set out in the table above, you will be required to continue paying the higher price for the duration of that Payment Month.  If you increase the number of active death registrations with us during a Payment Month which causes you to go above one of the price thresholds, you will be required to pay that higher price from the time that you register the death which triggers the higher price. This payment will reset the date payment becomes due and subsequent payment will fall due monthly from that new date.

If you decide to end your subscription with us, you will not be refunded for any remaining days in the Payment Month in which you end your subscription.

Register a Life

You will be able to register with us and choose up to three companies who you would like to be notified in the event of your death or the death of the person whose life you are registering. If you would like to notify four or more companies, then you will need to subscribe.

Our subscription for registering a life is an annual subscription of £12 per life. Payment will be due on the date you first subscribe in relation to that life and subsequently on the anniversary of that date (the ‘Payment Year’).

If you decide to end your subscription with us or the number of companies you would like to notify falls below four, you will not be refunded for any remaining days in that Payment Year.

If you change your mind

During the cooling-off period 

You have a legal right to change your mind within 14 days from the day on which we issue the payment receipt (this is known as the cooling-off period). If you exercise your right to change your mind during the cooling-off period, you will receive a refund for the relevant Fees paid.

We will make any refunds due to you as soon as possible to the same card you used to make the payments, but no later than 14 days from the date on which you cancelled the contract. To exercise your right to cancel during the cooling-off period, you can email us at hello@lifeledger.com.

After the cooling off-period

As your subscription to our Services is on a rolling basis, you can always end your contract with us, even after the 14 day period. In that case, please email us at hello@lifeledger.com and we will arrange the withdrawal of your information from our platform.

Please note that regardless of when you notify us that you have changed your mind, once the information about the deceased has been passed to a third party company (i.e. a company notified regarding the deceased), we will no longer be able to withdraw the information from that company and you will need to contact the company directly.

Cancellation by us

We may end this contract if you breach it. We may end the contract at any time by email to you if:

  1. you miss a payment and you still do not make the payment within a month of it being due;
  2. you commit or are suspected of committing identity fraud;
  3. your conduct is dishonest or your conduct is suspected of being dishonest; or
  4. you breach any other provision in these Terms.

Our responsibility for loss or damage suffered by you

We are a facilitating platform only and the information on our platform is for your general information. We do not intend the Services to form advice on which you should rely.

If we fail to comply with these Terms, we are responsible for loss or damage you suffer that is a foreseeable result of our breaking this contract or our failing to use reasonable care and skill, but we are not responsible for any loss or damage that is not foreseeable, nor any loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by the actions or omissions of any third party company. Loss or damage is foreseeable if either it is obvious that it will happen or if, at the time the contract was made, both we and you knew it might happen.

We are not liable for any losses which are not caused by our breaking this contract or our failing to use reasonable care and skill. We are not liable for any losses caused by a third party. The losses referred to in this paragraph include, for example, where you suffer a loss due to a notified company not closing the deceased’s account before further payment is due or at all, or where you suffer a loss because you did not give us the correct information about the deceased. There are just some examples, as there are other ways that you could suffer a loss not caused by us.

We do not exclude or limit in any way our liability to you where it would be unlawful to do so. This includes liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or the negligence of our employees, agents or subcontractors, or for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

With the exception of those liabilities set out in the paragraph above, our total liability to you in contract, tort (including negligence or breach of statutory duty), misrepresentation, restitution or otherwise, arising in connection with the performance or contemplated performance of this contract shall be limited to the lower of either £50 or the total Fees payable by you for the Services during the 6 months immediately preceding the date on which the claim arose.

Data protection

In order to use our Services, you will need to provide us with some personal information, such as your name and contact details. We will only use this personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which you can access here:  https://lifeledger.com/privacy-policy/

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for details about how we will use your personal information, the legal basis for using it, who we may share it with, how we keep it safe and what your rights are in relation to your personal information.

Other important terms

We may transfer our rights and obligations under these Terms to another organisation. We will always tell you in writing if this happens and we will ensure that the transfer will not affect your rights under the contract.

You may not transfer your rights or your obligations under these Terms to another person.

We own or have a licence to use all intellectual property in our platform. We reserve our rights in relation to that intellectual property.

This contract is between you and us. No other person shall have any rights to enforce any of its terms.

Each of the paragraphs of these Terms operates separately. If any court or relevant authority decides that any of them are unlawful, the remaining paragraphs will remain in full force and effect.

If we do not insist immediately that you do anything you are required to do under these Terms, or if we delay in taking steps against you in respect of your breaking this contract, that will not mean that you do not have to do those things and it will not prevent us taking steps against you at a later date. For example, if you miss a payment and we do not chase you but we continue to provide the Services, we can still require you to make the payment at a later date.

These Terms are governed by English law and you can bring legal proceedings in respect of the services in the English courts. If you live in Scotland you can bring legal proceedings in respect of the services in either the Scottish or the English courts. If you live in Northern Ireland you can bring legal proceedings in respect of the services in either the Northern Irish or the English courts.

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